the world outside is empty, 2024

2.17 x 1.8m tapestry woven in-situ
20/6 unbleached linen, bent nails, structural pine beam

commissioned for a residency at 138 Whitfield Street with Martina Larsson & Artists 2024

all that weaves into a name, 2023

room diameter (within cloth structure) 3.1m, tubular weave diameter 58cm
oak plywood plaque, hand-woven linen panels (28/1), linen tubular weave (28/2), scent

Scent notes
Top :     ginger, orange day-lily, camphor, lemongrass
Heart : shiitake mushroom
Base :   angelica, shiitake mushroom, patchouli

at Goldsmiths BA Fine Art and History of Art degree shows 2023

floats, 2023

0.6 x 1.8m (0.8m body, 1m fringe)
20/2 linen
citta, 2023

0.6 x 3.5m
28/2 linen

Citta in Sanskrit translates as heart or heart-mind, or a more emotive aspect of mind that reflects one’s cognitive condition. It is associated withalaya vijnana, the "storehouse consciousness,” which contains all the impressions of previous experiences, which impact the experience of karma. Citta seeks to be liberated (from the confines of human suffering) - suffering is also seen as inherently human. To seek enlightenment, to be liberated, means to move away from the human condition and the passage of its time.

filter funnel for home, 2022

1.5 x 3m
Hand-spun, 2-ply mixed banana leaf and palm leaf fibres infused with perfume, incense ash, heirloom urn

Scent notes
Top :     coriander, citronella//lime, eucalyptus, lemongrass
Heart : cordyceps, nutmeg, basil, elemi, cinnamon
Base :  angelica, shiitake mushroom, patchouli
過橋  extended, 2023

1.8 x 1.8m
Gold leaf circle, prayer bead shards, incense ash

Ephemeral elements:
13 incense sticks [used to time the work], slab of terracotta [Dried over the course of the work], unrecorded 13-hour continuous walking meditation
ma (II), 2022

Tank 3 x 1.5 x 1.5 ft, table 3.5 x 2 x 3 ft
Dual-channel video projection, glass vessel, ginger tea, ginger oil, cooked ginger fragrance, heirloom TV stand

at Thresholds of Being, starch, Singapore 2022